Rowe Law Firm attorneys have collaborated on many cases protecting and advancing liberty in Texas and across the nation.

We fight aggressively to not only defend, but advance, constitutional liberties of those whose faith is challenged in their communities, and in their workplaces.

Protecting and defending the Constitutional and First Amendment rights of groups and individuals is a responsibility that each lawyer at the Rowe Law Firm takes very seriously.

The lawyers at Rowe Law Firm relentlessly prosecute cases to advance and defend religious liberty, the sanctity of human life, freedom of speech, and the right of private citizens to bear arms.

The lawyers at Rowe Law Firm are experienced, committed to the mission of each case, and fearless. We work tirelessly on each case, because we believe in the case and we fully understand and appreciate what is at stake with each case. The attorneys at Rowe Law Firm are deeply committed to their faith, their families, their freedom, and to the important responsibility that we have been given to defend our God-given rights, and fight against those who are persecuted.

If you have a case where your religious or other Constitutional freedoms have been violated or infringed, call us today. Don’t let one more day go by when your freedom is infringed or attacked. Let us fight for you today.


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Religious Liberty

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