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‍‍‍Rowe Law F‍‍‍irm is born from the same roots as Texas, having had our first office located in Deer Park, Texas - which still considers itself the "Birthplace of Texas". While we no longer keep a full-time office in Deer Park, we are happy to still meet with new clients there, and honored that we started our journey there.

We include the prominent Stag in our logo partially as a tribute to our beginnings there in Deer Park, but additionally because in folklore, the Stag is considered the "king of the forest" and a protector of all other animals. This majestic symbol of the Stag not only pays the perfect tribute to our Texas roots in Deer Park, but faithfully symbolizes the type of law firm we seek to be daily, as protectors of those in need.

Rowe Law Firm founder Jason D. Rowe is also well-respected by colleagues across Texas, serving as one of only three Administrators for an online mentoring community of approximately 10,000 Texas lawyers (about 10% of the Texas State Bar).

Founded in 2013, Rowe Law Firm has worked on a variety of cases with a wide array of clients. Some of the cases we have been honored to handle included everything from a last-minute contract dispute between a ballet company and the company director that ensured the Nutcracker went on as scheduled that night (Christmas Eve), to defending breach of contract claims for a multi-million dollar oil company.

Rowe Law Firm has also been honored to work with many startup companies, including in one of our favorite sectors, beverage law, as we help breweries, wineries, and distilleries successfully navigate the complicated legal landscape of local, state, and federal regulations, together with the challenges posed by related trademarks, and funding of these ventures.

Another area we help startup and small companies navigate is in the emerging field of space law. Rowe Law Firm founder Jason D. Rowe proudly serves on the Space Law Committee for the American Bar Association, working with a select few colleagues from across the country in developing the legal theories and new laws and policies necessary for this quickly emerging field. Much of the work we do for clients in this sector involves assisting with everything from the legal paperwork and policies in place for a start-up company, to assisting companies with government contracts and insurance policies for telecommunications equipment launches.

These are but a couple of the niche business areas where we have been proud to make a difference. In other areas, such as family law, we have helped women escape abusive situations and get their children to safety, while also helping them get child support, and even spousal support in some cases, ordered by the courts.

When Rowe Law Firm founder Jason D. Rowe was recognized by his colleagues in Houstonia Magazine as a "Top Lawyer", the recognition was included for the practice area of International Law. Rowe Law Firm has been proud to work with many clients locally seeking to do business abroad, and clients abroad who are seeking trade or customs assistance here in the United States. We have helped clients set up offices in Eastern Europe, and we have been on the ground handling contract disputes for clients in other countries as well. We are well-acquainted with, and skilled in negotiation tactics that may be necessary for contractual agreements. We are also thoroughly familiar with arbitration procedures, and the complexities of international arbitration that may arise with international contract disputes.

No matter the issue faced by ‍‍‍you, your family, or your business, give us a call, and don't delay. We look forward to working with you as well.

Rowe Law Firm attorneys have been honored by clients and peers alike through recognition on attorney-rating sites like Avvo (10/10 rating), and through peer-nominated listings in publications like Houstonia Magazine (Top Lawyers).

Attorneys with Rowe Law Firm are also among the 10% of Texas attorneys who are honored to be members of the prestigious Texas Bar College of the State Bar of Texas.


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