-  Property Enforcements
-  Family Law Mediations
-  Child Custody and Visitation Rights
-  Grandparents' Rights
-  Spousal Support
-  Name Changes
-  Protective Orders against Domestic Violence
-  Retroactive Child Support Collection
-  Conservatorship
-  Juvenile Matters
-  Pension Division‍‍‍‍‍‍

-  Adoptions
-  Paternity
-  Custody Modifications
-  Uncontested Divorce
-  Contested Divorce
-  Annulments
-  Prenuptial Agreements
‍‍‍-  Postnuptial Ag‍‍‍reements
-  Child Support Enforcement
-  Division of Assets and Liabilities
-  Military Retirement Division

We understand that legal issues involving your family are overwhelming and stressful, and we give your case the individual attention it needs to reach the best possible outcome. We strongly believe in treating all clients with respect and care, which is why we aim to give our clients the benefit of always being able to reach our office, and offer reasonable rates for all matters, including discounts for active duty military, veterans, and first responders.

Rowe Law Firm offers local representation from personable lawyers for clients in Harris County, Montgomery County, Galveston County, Fort Bend County, and all surrounding areas.

We have the experience necessary to advocate for your needs and develop a strategy with the best chance for success in your case.

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We've worked with individuals and families through many types of family law matters.
These include issues, such as:


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