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Contract Law

Have you ever wished you had an attorney on your side who could review something for you before you sign it? Have you ever wondered if you could have negotiated a better deal, but it was too late?

Have you ever signed something without fully understanding exactly what you were signing? Have you ever had a business or individual not fulfill their part of an agreement, but you didn't know what to do or where to turn for help?

Rowe Law Firm stands ready to help with all of your contract needs, whether they be reviewing what may appear to be a simple document, or whether you need someone to negotiate and draft a complex legal agreement with multiple moving parts. We bring our knowledge and experience to bear on every contract or business deal to ensure your rights are protected, and that you have the peace of mind to know you received the best deal before you sign.

Legal contracts often come in many different lengths and forms, and are typically filled with terms and provisions that may be difficult to understand. Many people simply often sign these contracts without fully understanding what they’re bargaining for, which can end up costing them a lot of their time and money down the road.

We cannot reiterate too much how important it is to have your agreements reviewed by attorneys who thoroughly understand all of the terms and can draft provisions that fit your specific needs and protect all of your interests.

Have you had another party breach a contract or agreement you had?

Rowe Law Firm is ready to represent your rights and bring the legal system to bear to recover damages to make you whole. Under certain circumstances, you may even be entitled to recover attorneys fees from the party who breached the contract.

We understand that in some situation‍‍‍s you would rather keep a relationship with the customer, vendor, or other party, than risk that relationship in a lawsuit. In these situations, we take those needs to heart in our representation as we pursue recovery of damages on your behalf. We understand the intricacies often present in business relationships, and take special care to protect or restore those relationships, while also fighting to recover what you are owed, and protect your rights in any future agreements.

We Stand Ready to Help at Every Stage of the Process‍‍‍

If you need assistance with a contract or agreement, or need someone to fight on your behalf to recover what you are owed, book your appointment with us now for your free consultation.

We handle a very wide variety of contract drafting, review, and negotiation.
These include:

-  Non-Disclosure Agreements
-  Confidentiality Agreements
-  Licensing Agreements
-  Partnership Agreements
-  Employment Contracts
-  Contractor‍‍‍ ‍‍‍Agreements
-  Non-Compete Agreements
-  Releases of Liability
-  Indemnity Agreements

-  Intellectual Property Filings
-  Intellectual Property Licensing
-  Consulting Agreements
-  SaaS Sales Agreements
-  Distribution Agreements
-  Reseller Contracts
-  Prenuptial Agreements
-  Real Estate Lease Agreements
-  Sales Contracts

-  Business Formation Filings
-  Business Formation Agreements
-  Buy-Sell Agreements
-  Shareholder Agreements
-  Letters of Intent
-  Purchas‍‍‍e Agreements
-  Merger Agreements
-  Dissolution Agreements
-  International Software Licensing

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